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Social Media Marketing & Services

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the process of utilizing social media platforms to promote a brand, create awareness about a product or service, educate audiences, and provide customer service (there is more), and, ultimately, to drive traffic to web properties which hopefully convert fans and followers into customers. A successful social media marketing campaign will not only capture the attention of the intended audience but also engage with them on a personal level to create, trust and value in the brand being promoted. Social media can be a powerful tool in any business entity's marketing efforts, but only if it is approached in an intelligent manner, with goals other than just getting the most followers or likes. Along with other Internet marketing techniques such as SEO services, or search engine marketing, social media marketing is one of the important aspects of online promotional approaches.

Is Social Media Marketing for You?

Social media marketing is applicable to and useful for nearly every kind of business. As the necessity for online presence grows, to remain in the competitive marketplace, businesses need to have online profiles and accessibility. Further than just the reaches of a home base website, social media provides numerous avenues of connecting with potential clients and customers, as well as peers and competitors. Establishing a voice online and generating content is not only advisable but essential for every business seeking to expand in the credibility and success of their company.

Is Social Media Marketing Suitable for Me?
I have a flower shop in a small town. Perhaps. It just depends on what your expectations are from a social media marketing campaign, and only if you set logical and achievable goals.
I only have $25 to spend each month on a social media marketing budget. No. In such cases, it might be better to save that small sum intended for social media marketing and put aside a few minutes a day to tend to your own social media profiles.
I found a great deal where I can get 5,000 Facebook likes in one week for $100. No. Who are the 5,000 people that will like your Facebook page? Are they located within your service area? Are they the type of people who generally buy your products or services? It's better to have 20 likes from people who are truly interested in what you offer, than 5,000 likes from random profiles from across the world.
The store down the street has 10,000 followers on Twitter. I want to stay competitive and have even more followers. No. Who are those followers? Are they locals who might shop at your store? Or is the store down the street, just involved in a follower swapping scheme?
I want to have a presence on every social media platform available. No. There is no reason to waste resources to create a presence on a social media platform that does not fit your business and what it has to offer. For example, if you are a plumber, it might not be the best idea to try and get clients by spending a lot of time and money creating a presence on Pinterest.

What Can Social Media Marketing Accomplish?

Social media marketing aims to increase a business' opportunities by giving them an online presence. Through involvement with social media, the business is able to interact with ideas in their realm of expertise in a place where there is an active audience. By partaking in the discussions, being accessible through multiple avenues of social media, businesses market their company to any who might be searching for their services. It allows potential customers to familiarize themselves with who you are and what you can do for them in a more casual way. The greater the number of high quality followers a business gains, or the more interest their content creates, the further credibility is given to them on an online platform. Social media marketing not only points users back to the business' home page, but enables visitors to come into contact with their services in scenarios where they visit both professionally and personally.

Things Social Media Marketing Can Accomplish Things Social Media Marketing Cannot Accomplish
Help spread the word about interesting and useful content. Create value for uninteresting and unhelpful content.
Help your business create a relationship with people who may become customers in the future. Get people knocking down your door by tomorrow morning.
Provide a better customer experience and customer service for your existing clients. Create a better customer experience by having a flashy social media presence and lot of unengaged followers.

There is of course more to it than this, but this table is meant to illustrate how social media works for business marketing.

Social Media Marketing Tools

There are a number of social media management tools which can help make managing small business social media profiles a lot less time-consuming and more effective. We have selected the tools which we feel provide the most value, and the best user experience, and delivery capabilities with simplicity but not at the expense of quality or richness of features.

There are plenty of useful social media marketing tools on the market. Ours is great, but may not be the ideal fit for every business, so we have provide an overview of what each of the above services offers in our Social Media Marketing Tools.

Social Media Marketing Services

Social medial marketing companies provide a number of different services that help businesses strategize how to maximize their social media presence, and manage their accounts to keep them current. The social media marketing managers develop strategies to help their client strengthen their brand on numerous social platforms, understand how to generate interesting and relevant content, and learn a proper expectation of how social media will affect their business. This can involve anything from creating online profiles, to writing blogs, or generating content on their homepage, or commenting on other sites, etc. By maintaining current social network profiles, and awareness through market research, the social media manager aids the client in establishing or building the brand within the competitive and relevant online marketplace.

Social Media Presence Creation

Social presence creation is the first step to take when a company is starting from scratch, or in other words, does not have any profiles established on social media sites. The social media manager will assess which platforms will best support the business based on content, company services and goals, and will prioritize different platforms on that basis. The social media manager will then create the profiles on social media sites, customizing the information regarding the business, the services provided, any notable achievements, etc to finalize the information on the profile/homepage of each platform.

Social Engagement

Once the social media profiles are completed with information, images and links organized on the online profiles, the business is ready to begin generating content and connecting with other businesses. An important part of establishing presence online is to both publish content, and offer feedback on information posted by other users on the social media site. Posting content on your own profile can consist of sharing a link to an article of interest in your field, offering commentary on a hot news item in your industry, or posting an image linked to another business you admire or find of common interest to your network, etc. The key is to generate relevant and engaging content, whether original or by linking to pages of interest, to strengthen your online presence and to indicate to your followers that the content you post is consistent, current and valuable. Equally important, is the way your profile engages with other businesses online. This is accomplished by expanding your network and engaging with topics other users post. Offering insightful feedback or commentary on a consistent basis, is a positive way to continue to increase your presence online.

Fan & Follower Development

The most strategic way to gain followers is to post articles, images, and links that will be engaging for those who might be inclined to follow your business. By creating content on a consistent basis, followers will be more likely to seek the posts you provide on a regular basis. This might be as simple as linking to fascinating articles relevant to your industry, or offering astute commentary on a current topic of interest, by posting something that will distinguish your profile with appealing content for your industry.

Social Media Advertising Campaign Setup & Management

Social media advertising functions similarly to that of many other webpages online. The primary methods of advertising are usually identified as either "pay per click" (PPC) or "cost per click" (CPC). These refer to the process that involves paying the hosting page owner (the social media platform/site) a certain amount every time their ad is clicked from the site, or how much it costs when a visitor clicks on the advertisement. Another method of advertising, "cost per thousand" (CPM), is charged differently, meaning that the advertiser pays a fixed amount for every one thousand impressions of their ad.

As part of such management services the social media marketing company will provide initial setup and ongoing optimization, management and reporting services.

Analytics & Reporting

Social media analytics are similar to that of Google Webmaster Tools and other analytics tools, as they function to track activity on the social page (e.g., Facebook company page). For social media profiles, the analytics report and track on the following basic information regarding your profile: how many visitors have visited the page, what they have liked, what posts they have interacted with, sometimes showing what time of day they visited, what demographic most visitors are, as well as what traffic from your profile has led back to your business' webpage. The analytics and reporting element of social media gives you an overview of what is kind of traction your profile pages are getting from followers and visitors on the site. Social media sites continue to improve and expand the analytics tool they provide for customers, so page administrators will be able to have access to more and more data over time.